Data-Driven Configuration with CFEngine's classfiltercsv function
2020-02-04, 16:50–17:15, B.2.009

Data-driven configuration management is a design pattern that can reduce complexity, improve outcomes, and empower engineers to make configuration changes without having to modify code. The new classfiltercsv function in CFEngine 3.14 makes it straightforward to implement a data-driven approach, allowing for:

  • Using configuration rather than code to do configuration management
  • Deploying simpler code that is easier to use and maintain
  • Focusing on higher-order issues

While this talk demonstrates how to use CFEngine's classfiltercsv function to produce these results, the discussion of the approach to data-driven configuration may be of interest to anyone in the configuration management community.

Jay Goldberg is a Unix greybeard since 1989. He used to develop the Unix operating system, then started down the system management path at Unix System Labs. He has been doing configuration management in some form since 1995. He has built and managed infrastructure at a number of investment banks and is currently working to keep Linux easy to manage at scale at Two Sigma, a New York financial services firm. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

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