Introduction to RUDDER Language
2020-02-04, 16:00–16:50, B.2.010

Rudder is a graphical configuration management tool, which is quite an unusual approach in this domain. This talk is about the why and how we are now introducing a new DSL for RUDDER. If you had never considered RUDDER because he didn't have a DSL, or if you want to discuss language with us, now is the right time to attend this talk!

Benoît has been a system & software architect and senior consultant et RUDDER since 2014. His great expertise makes him the ideal contact person to handle the most complex cases during client missions.

Beyond ensuring the coherence of RUDDER's architecture, he contributes to improving development processes and tools:
- He developed the rudder-dev tool to facilitate and accelerate the development of RUDDER.
- He set up the rudder-test system to automate integration testing.
- He has deployed an integrated package publishing infrastructure with the support to facilitate the arrival of new customers.

Before joining the RUDDER team, Benoît worked in several fields such as IT security and the implementation of electronic safes or PKIs, system administration of large web infrastructures and the development of multimodal interfaces.

When he doesn't work in RUDDER, Benoît learns Korean, automates his house with raspberry pi or teaches manners to his cat.