Nomad: Kubernetes, without the complexity
2020-02-04, 11:30–12:20, D Aud

Nomad is a container orchestrator which is cross-platform, scalable, stable, and easy to operate. In this session, I will demonstrate how to create a Nomad cluster, and show how it's architecture and configuration differs from Kubernetes; making it easier to operate and cheaper!

We will then deploy a dotnet core application and some services into the cluster, and show how integration with other infrastructure and services can be done in a way which can reduce the complexity of your applications.

By the end of this session, you should have a good understanding of how most of your deployment problems can be solved without having to resort to the operational complexity and overheads of using Kubernetes.

Andy is a software developer working at Reaktor.

He likes talking about Strong Typing, EventSourcing, Continuous Delivery, Architecture, Immutable Infrastructure, and Security. He particularly enjoys making other developers lives easier and automates pretty much anything he touches. He hates complexity, especially unnecessary complexity.

He blogs at, and spends most of his free time in the gym, reading, or drinking coffee, sometimes at the same time.