Migrating a build farm from on-prem to AWS
2020-02-04, 14:50–15:40, B.2.009

If you are considering a lift-and-shift from on-prem to public cloud, this talk is for you. Our team runs a centralized build farm for Nokia's software division. The build farm consists of a fleet of Jenkins Masters, a Kubernetes cluster, artifact storage, and various back-office services for monitoring and automation. This talk gives an overview of how we migrated our build farm from an on-prem OpenStack-based datacenter to AWS. It was a successful migration, but we made several mistakes along the way and would like to share what we learned.

Stack: Ansible, AWX, Terraform, Jenkins, Artifactory, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, AWS EKS

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/ClaesBuckwalter/migrating-a-build-farm-from-onprem-to-aws