Why compliance is essential in configuration management?
2020-02-03, 12:30–12:35, D Aud

The challenges of automation cannot be demonstrated. It is one of DevOps' CALMS pillars. However, automation serves objectives, and among them, compliance. Puppet Remediate, Chef Inspec, SalStack SecOps, RUDDER… we are all now developing towards compliance.

Why? How does compliance become essential in configuration management? Let's open the debate and talk about it in this 5-minute quick talk.

After studying Cybersecurity, Alexandre worked for several years at several French integrators and IT services companies to ensure production security missions as a solution integrator as well as a consultant. For more than two years, he has been working for the RUDDER open-source continuous configuration solution.

It supports the success of users and ensures the follow-up of customers, making it possible to capitalize on a large number of feedback experiences.

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