Automating and Managing Clusters with Helm
2020-02-04, 14:00–14:50, B. Con

Are you are one of the many people migrating their projects to Kubernetes? Have you found setting up and maintaining various app and cluster configurations an ordeal? Enter Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes.

What does a package manager have to do with this? This session has the answer! We will walk through some of the lessons learned about stability and migration with the recently released major version of Helm – Helm 3. We will cover how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. We will also introduce the improvements to the Helm SDK which aid the automation of your deployments in code. To wrap things up, there will be working examples of how to automate deployments and configurations.

Martin works on the Open Technology team at IBM focusing on open source software. He is a regular contributor to open source and a core maintainer for Helm. He has also contributed previously to the OpenStack and Elastic communities. Martin enjoys speaking at conferences and meet-ups. He has many years’ experience in the creation of enterprise software for different industries, from Telcos to Cloud.

Taylor Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer working on Helm and other open source tooling at Microsoft. He has been involved with containers and Kubernetes platforms at Intel, Nike, and Microsoft and is one of the core maintainers of Helm. He currently lives in Utah, USA and enjoys hiking and camping. He has given talks at several KubeCons, Velocity Conf, and Helm Summit on a wide variety of container-related topics.