Config Mgmt for Kubernetes workloads with GitOps and Helm
2020-02-03, 16:50–17:15, B. Con

Kubernetes provides a declarative API, so you can describe the desired state of the system. And then it is the role of the control plane to operate the cluster (make the actual state match the desired state).
But we still need config mgmt for API objects to the point when they are applied to the cluster.

Helm helps to organize these configs into charts, template them, and manage releases. And GitOps lets you use a git repo as a single source of truth for the desired state of the whole system. Then all changes to this state are delivered as git commits instead of using kubectl apply or helm upgrade.

In this talk I will introduce the GitOps model for operating cloud native environments and give a short demo.

After using the GitOps model for over a year I can see that it’s still in early days compared to config management tools like puppet. I will try to show what are the strong areas and what still seems to be missing.

In this talk I’ll show two CNCF projects: * Flux CD: * Helm:

Systems architect and Ops technical lead at Gigaset. Focused on shortening delivery times with adoption of DevOps culture, automation and measurements.
Especially interested in the cloud native approach to engineering applications and infrastructure.