Autopilot, but never let go of the wheel
2020-02-03, 14:50–15:15, B.3.037

From TOIL to Continuous Delivery of Infrastructure, our tail of migrating our existing Infrastructure as code tools & wrappers so that they can be used in a CD system, but with all of the control grey-beards, enterprises & governments expect.

A tail of how we took our terraform tooling from being human focussed (and thus causing much more TOIL than was reasonable) and adapted it work within a sane set of pipelines, enabling drift checking, automated deployments & approved deployments that fit with in a multi-environment, sovereign-control organisation, while still retaining the ability to "run from your laptop" in an emergency or in bootstrap mode. We'll also cover the patterns that emerged for building tools that are both human & tool friendly, for progressive roll-out of changes & why CI/CD for VM based infrastructure requires better techniques that "fixing the build".

technology fan (geek), motorsports fan (petrol head), tinkerer (likes to take things apart), metrics fan (you can't tell if you are doing better if you don't record what you were doing), husband, parent and a terrible biography writer (you're still reading this?!).