Running Puppet from mgmt on overdrive
2020-02-04, 16:00–16:50, B.1.015

We added Puppet support to mgmt quite early on. You can run Puppet manifests through mgmt's engine, and mgmt can in turn rely on Puppet to synchronize resources that mgmt does not natively support. This incurs a significant performance overhead to each resource check, though.

This presentation showcases a new prototype feature of mgmt that allows for the use of the Puppet bridge with no performance penalties. It features live demos, and the concept and implementation are briefly explained.

Felix is an old school systems person, Linux user, and self declared automation nerd, with a large soft spot for open source software. He literally wrote the book on Puppet (well, a book) and has been (inconsistently) contributing to mgmt since its debut.
Known to ride a bike through Berlin's inner city, preparing his own food, and reportedly neither scared of dungeons nor dragons.

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