Head in the Clouds: Testing Infra as Code
2020-02-03, 14:00–14:50, D Aud

Infrastructure-as-code has been one of the key concepts within DevOps to allow the benefits of a full development cycle for infrastrcuture and allow better visibility of the operations process.

However, when we're writing and applying this IaC, we're often interacting with disparate systems, often geographically dispersed and with very different API's and responses. To further complicate things, different teams also have different concerns: Will this break prod? Will this cost too much? Will this comply with our policies?

We'll be discussing the different kind of testing that organisations are doing, what tools are right for each job, and how to keep the various teams happy. To do that, we'll be giving some examples with most of the popular IaC tools, where policy fits in and even covering where testing blurs the lines with observability.

Peter Souter is a Sr. Technical Account Manager at HashiCorp. He’s worked all over the globe helping organizations automate with the HashiCorp stack, from government to startups to large enterprise companies. This will be his 5th Config Management Camp.