foreman-installer: 6 years of wrapping Puppet
2020-02-04, 15:15–15:40, B.1.015

In 2013 the Foreman project started to wrap Puppet modules into an installer. After 6 years it's good to look back at how it went.

foreman-installer is a feature rich installer built on kafo which wraps Puppet modules. The exposed Puppet modules are scanned, parameters extracted (initially only rdoc, later also puppet-strings) and saved into an answers file. It can expose multiple scenarios exposing different sets of modules and own defaults. All of this is exposed in to Puppet via Hiera. When upgrading, there are migrations that can be automatically applied.

In this talk we'll go over the goals of foreman-installer, how you can build your own installer and lessons learned.

Passionate open source user.
Long time contributor to The Foreman.
Recent(ish) Red Hat employee.

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