Modern Infrastructure as Code
2020-02-05, 10:00–13:00, B.3.037

Learn all about Infrastructure as Code: from concepts, to serverless and container technologies, including several hands-on labs to teach you best practices for managing infrastructure in public cloud and Kubernetes.

In this workshop, we will be using a new Infrastructure as Code tool, Pulumi.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of modern cloud architectures, the role infrastructure as code has to play in them, and with actionable best practices you can bring back to your teams today.

What You'll Learn:

We will begin with an introduction talk, briefly covering a number of topic, and then transition to hands-on labs to teach you the practicalities of using infrastructure as code to manage public cloud infrastructure on AWS and Kubernetes. You will leave knowing everything you need to be successful with infrastructure as code in your team.

Modern Cloud Architectures: Networking, clustering, containers, Kubernetes, serverless

Modern Infrastructure as Code: immutable infrastructure, automated delivery, policy as code

Infrastructure Patterns: provisioning infrastructure, versioning infrastructure, scaling applications, building and publishing container images, packaging and reusing infrastructure best practices