Vault Deploy: Organizing Terraform Code for Multiple Vault Clusters
2020-02-03, 16:50–17:15, B.1.015

Using a Terraform Module and standing up one instance of a module is very common. And spinning up one Vault cluster is fairly straight forward. But what happens when you need to go from 1 instance to 4? This presentation covers how to develop and organize a Terraform project to manage multiple HA Vault Clusters for deployment. As a Senior Implementation Services Engineer for HashiCorp, I've been working with customers large and small to help them put Vault into production, and I will talk about the different strategies and patterns I've seen in the field.

Shobhna Shastri is a Senior Implementation Services Engineer at HashiCorp. She travels around helping customers in EMEA stand up HashiCorp deployments of Vault, Consul, and Terraform Enterprise. With over 10 years of tech industry experience, she started as a software developer and eventually moved to more client facing roles. She has been in the DevOps space for the last 3 years working first at Puppet and transitioning over to HashiCorp in 2018.