Managing Content in Your Large-Scale Datacenter with Katello
2020-02-03, 14:50–15:40, B.2.015

If you’re seeking an open-source solution for managing your physical or virtual servers’ software content, then Katello could be for you! Through Katello, magnitudes of servers’ content can be easily and quickly managed via web browser. Files and software packages can be remotely synced or uploaded and then grouped into Lifecycle Environments at a per-content-unit level. Synced content in Katello can be easily deployed onto servers and stepped through Lifecycle Environments such as Development, Testing, and Production, or as many as are needed. Katello can also keep administrators aware of CentOS/RHEL errata -- bug fixes, enhancements, and security patches.

Already an avid user of Katello? Features new to Katello within the past few years will be highlighted, such as dependency solving and Composite Content View auto-publishing. Also, to inspire new ways to use Katello, we’ll explore content-enabled Smart Proxies and see a demonstration of an automated web server deployment. Whether you’re new to Katello or a pro, you're invited to join this community presentation and discussion!

Topics discussed include: * Syncing repositories and uploading content to the local server * Adding filtered content to Content Views * Setting up Lifecycle Environments such as Dev -> Test -> Prod * Moving a provisioned and registered host through Lifecycle Environments * Patching host content using errata * Subscription management * Deploying content using Remote Execution (REX) * Provisioning and data syncing off-site using content-enabled Smart Proxies * Highlighting of select new Katello features * A demo of using Foreman+Katello to deploy a web server

Ian Ballou is a Software Engineer on the Red Hat Satellite team. He currently works on upstream Katello, both developing new features centered mostly around the Pulp 3 integration and performing maintenance as well.

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