Foreman - Basics and Provisioning
2020-02-05, 10:00–13:00, B.2.011

This workshop will focus on basic knowledge, provisioning and orchestration for those new to Foreman.

This workshop is a shortened version of the two day long official Foreman Training focusing on those new to Foreman. In the workshop you will get basic knowledge of the architecture of Foreman. You will install and configure Foreman to provide several ways of provisioning. Furthermore orchestration will be added to the Foreman using the Remote Execution plugin.

While most tasks will be done in the Foreman WebUI, students should bring basic knowledge of Linux and be comfortable to use the command line for looking behind the curtain and debugging. Configuration management (Puppet or Ansible) knowledge is not required but helpful and the same applies to DNS, DHCP and Linux provisioning basics.

You should bring a Linux system with KVM and libvirt as virtualization solution, a virtual network with DHCP disabled and a CentOS 7 or Debian 9 virtual machine in this network prepared to run the foreman-installer. For preparation instructions see the Foreman manual. Using another virtualization solution will limit your options for provisioning, but it should be possible to work around that to participate in the other exercises.

Dirk Götz is working as Principal Consultant and Trainer for NETWAYS.
As part of his daily work he writes concepts, implements, reviews and teaches Puppet, Ansible and Foreman in many different environments.
He created a training course based on Open Source Puppet for his employer and the official Foreman Training as corporate project of NETWAYS and the Foreman Project.

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