Using Git submodules
2020-02-03, 16:00–16:25, B.3.037

There are countless articles and blogs warning about the pitfalls in Git submodule usage, in effect resulting in an "avoid at all costs" recommendation. By contrast, this talk examines when and how to use Git submodules from a neutral point of view. Legitimate use cases, managing pitfalls, and alternatives will all receive their fair due.

The talk focuses on my own experiences using Git submodules.

I generally take the view that the pitfalls are often exaggerated and that there is no reason to categorically avoid Git submodules where the conditions are right.

That being said, there are conditions and pitfalls one should be aware of. As with any other tool, Git submodules have their use cases and limitations.

The talk will also include a short comparison with Git subtrees as a possible alternative to submodules.

Quirin Pamp is a software engineer with ATIX AG in Garching near Munich, Germany. In this capacity he contributes to open-source projects in and around the Foreman/Katello ecosystem. Unrelated interests include logic and cycling.