Pulp install - Fest (Ansible, Container Registry, or RPMs)
2020-02-05, 10:00–13:00, B.4.039

Come by and install pulp_ansible, pulp_container, or pulp_rpm with the developers who make them!


We'll be using the Ansible installer: https://github.com/pulp/ansible-pulp

Brian Bouterse is a Principle Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is a developer with pulpproject.org which is written in Python and deploys Python software among other types (rpm, puppet, docker, etc).

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I am a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. I am a full time contributor to Pulp (pulpproject.org).

I have been contributing to open source projects since 2010. I joined Red Hat in 2013. During my time at Red Hat I have contributed to ImageFactory, OpenStack Nova, and Pulp.

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