DevOps is dead, Servers are dying, and I don't feel so great myself.
2020-02-03, 12:50–12:55, D Aud

A look at the changing landscape for Operations. With SRE and Kubernetes both on the rise we’re seeing drastic changes in the way we build and operate infrastructure. At the same time Serverless has exploded onto the scene and confused things even further.

A (hopefully) humorous look at the current state of DevOps and the affects of the rise of Kubernetes and Site Reliability Engineering on DevOps, how the culture is changing (again!), the tools are changing, and how we deploy and operate applications are changing. At the same time Serverless has exploded onto the scene and the thought* leaders are once again throwing terms like NoOps around.

The future however is bright and the Savvy Operator / DevOps practitioner will thrive and everything will turn out fine, and I’ll tell you why, and offer you hugs if you are struggling with change.

Paul Czarkowski is a recovering Systems Administrator who has run infrastructure for longer than he cares to admit. After cutting his teeth in the ISP and Gaming industries Paul changed his focus to using (and contributing to) Open Source Software to improve the Operability of complex distributed systems such as Kubernetes and OpenStack. At Pivotal Paul works to improve the Operator experience by taking Cloud Native software development concepts and applying them to Operations to create platforms that reduce toil and improve software.

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