Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Content Management Automation With Katello
2024-02-05, 14:50–15:40, B.3.037

Katello adds a suite of content management tools to Foreman. Do you need to automate patching for thousands of systems? Do you need a snapshot of your content carried across a lifecycle? If these topics pique your interest, then Katello could be for you. In this presentation, I will give an introduction to Katello and demonstrate new features that have come out recently.

This presentation will focus first on Katello basics: repositories, lifecycle environments, and content views. Please note the currently-supported content types: yum/RPM, debian, container, python, ansible-collection, ostree, and generic files.

Afterwards, content-delivery features will be discussed, such as remote execution, provisioning from synced content, and content-enabled smart proxies. You will learn how to deploy content to systems across the globe.

At the end, I will show how a Katello user could tie the presentation materials together to create a production-ready environment. The demo will cover scenarios like quickly applying emergency patches (incremental update), caching content on the local network, and deploying custom software to hosts via Ansible.

I'm a passionate engineer for Red Hat who has worked on Katello for the past 5 years. I enjoy solving problems and working in the realm of open source. Outside of work, I'm also interested in music, biking, and photography.

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