Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Automating project documentation for the win
2024-02-05, 15:55–16:45, B.1.015

Documentation is a critical component of any project from a user perspective and, for open-source projects, one of the most common areas for contributions. However as projects increase in size and complexity, so does the task of maintaining documentation across multiple releases. Adding numerous documentation projects significantly compounds the need for streamlined processes that reduce overhead. This talk is going to look at some pain points that the Ansible community documentation was facing at the start of the year and how we have collaboratively solved them to everyone's benefit. Along the way we'll look at some techniques, ci/cd pipelines, extending trust and ownership to the community, and lots more.

This talk is going to explore various projects within the Ansible ecosystem, including Ansible core and AWX. We're going to examine how we opened up content and increased ownership for the Ansible community. Most of all we'll look at DevOps practices to automate a lot of mundane tasks that were impacting velocity of engineering teams. If your documentation project is slowing you and your team down, then this talk is for you.

I'm Don, one of the Ansible community engineers at Red Hat. I like to talk about docs, automation, community, and gardening. I also drink a lot of coffee.