Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Software Bill of Materials from a Software Configuration Management Perspective
2024-02-05, 14:00–14:50, B.Con

Why should developers be interested in SBoM? Because SBoMs can provide much value to their daily work and because developers are the optimal producers of SBoMs.

The first part of this talk will briefly present the main results of a white paper we published last year.

In the second part, we will dig deeper into lessons learned through constructive comments and discussions we have had with people since the publication of the white paper. We shift the focus away from Cyber Security and over to how SBoMs can be a useful resource to developers and any other part of an organisation in their day-to-day work. Finally, we talk about the consequences for how you produce and consume SBoMs and SBoM information.

After this session, you will know that SBoM is a hard-core SCM concept - and why you should love SBoMs!

Lars Bendix is the organizer of and an associate professor at Lund University, Sweden. His main research interest is software configuration management and how it can be used to support various software development processes - like DevOps and Agile. As part of this he is the organizer of a Scandinavian - and Italian - network of configuration management professionals. He is also interested in agile processes and their pedagogical use in software engineering education.