Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Mgmt Config: Lambdas Are Here
2024-02-05, 16:45–17:35, D.Aud

Functional iteration with iter->map made possible by lambda functions

Mgmt is a real-time automation tool that is fast and safe.
Being a safe language, anonymous lambda functions as values are an essential form of iteration since we don't have for-loops.
It has been stalled because I was struggling with finishing the lambda implementation in the compiler.
Heroically, and with help from a brilliant friend, these are now complete and live in the repo!

We'll take you through a tour of all the plumbing that needed to be changed to support this.
We'll show lots of real-time demos to keep everyone entertained.
We'll demo some real things that we're starting to build.

A number of blog posts on the subject are available:
Attendees are encouraged to read some before the talk if they want a preview!

James is a DevOps/Config mgmt. hacker and physiologist from Montreal, Canada.
He often goes by @purpleidea on the internet, and writes "The Technical Blog of James".
He works on a Next Generation Config Management project that he started called mgmt.
He studied Physiology at university and sometimes likes to talk about cardiology.

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