Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Puppet hacks you didn't know you were looking for
2024-02-05, 14:00–14:50, B.2.015

  • Ever needed to debug a Puppet agent run but didn't find the right path?
  • Tired of maintaing excel sheets with servers and service now is too expensive?
  • Your puppetserver has a hiccup every 30 minutes? Or every week?
  • You need to create clusters but manual firewall changes for every node are too time consuming?

This talk is for you! We will go through all the hidden gems of cli commands and puppet concects you won't find in the documentation. And we will talk about tuning and debugging your puppetserver(s)

Slides for the talk:

Tim „bastelfreak“ Meusel became a Senior Automation IT Consultant in July 2021. Previously, he worked as a DevOps Engineer for GoDaddy EMEA in Cologne, Germany, where he developed and maintained a big public cloud platform. Tim is the driving force behind various open source projects. He founded the VirtAPI-Stack and is a very active Vox Pupuli Maintainer and Project Management Committee member. Tim has been doing work in the DevOps area since 2009 and began persuing Puppet solutions in 2012. He was recently reelected to serve on the Vox Pupuli Project Management Committee.

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