Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

The incredible machine: when automation backfires
2024-02-06, 17:35–18:00, B.Con

Ever wanted to apply CI/CD principles and run tests for every change?
But it is too complex to set up the test environment, and launch the tests with all the updated parameters, solution? Automation!
Release your software implies a countless number of complicated steps, what solution? Automation!
So automation sometimes seems to be the solution, you automate some complex procedure and call the day.

But automation of a process sometimes can only hide the real problem and only delay the moment when you have to address the technical debt, and sometimes the automation can even also act as an amplifier of the technical debt.

Based on my experience matured on the field, this talk will show the hidden traps of automation, the drawbacks, and the lessons learned.

Developer at Nethesis and open source contributor of Nethserver Linux distribution.
His skills vary from, systems and networks administration, Linux embedded system engineering, and cloud automation. Currently, his interests are split between backend development, infrastructure development, and automation of all the things!