Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Change Your Architecture and Save the World
2024-02-05, 12:45–12:50, D.Aud

Data Centers are using more and more energy to the point they are using 5-10% of the world's energy. But did you know that by changing your chip architecture to a modern architecture, you can help save the world

DevOps people don't realize how much power they actually have in choosing the servers that go in the data center.
This talk will walk you through:
What is currently happening with Data Centers and how it is not sustainable.
New Terms and ways of thinking of servers
Some common solutions and why they are a good start but not enough.
What actions you take today

Aaron is a Sr. Developer Advocate with Ampere Computing & head of the Ampere/ARM64 Server Community and is a Distinguished ARM Ambassador, focusing on Servers . He has done similar roles with the Linux Foundation's Edge project and with the ASF. He is also an ex-SAP, where his last position was Global Director of SAP's internal maker spaces, called the d-shop.