Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Efficient Container Image Management with Pulp and Pull-Through Caching
2024-02-06, 17:35–18:00, B.3.037

To manage the costs of pulling images from remote sources (like DockerHub), one may decide to use caching. The caching allows administrators to store frequently accessed images locally. This talk offers practical insights into employing Pulp to cache and proxy container images from remote registries. As a result, this improves reliability and redundancy, enhances offline deployments, and helps to overcome common challenges with further management.

This session will feature an exploration of Pulp that facilitates the caching and proxying of container images from remote registries. Through practical demonstrations and insights, attendees will understand how pull-through caching enhances container image retrieval, accelerates deployments, and mitigates potential challenges associated with remote registry access. Besides that, the attendees will learn how to manage the cached content further within the Pulp ecosystem.

I am a seasoned software engineer who worked in very progressive and energetic teams. During my studies, I gained knowledge in the field of information technology security and ventured to use complex neural networks for privacy preservation. Currently, I work on the Pulp project, a platform for managing software packages and repositories.