Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Strategies for Puppet code upgrade and refactoring
2024-02-05, 15:55–16:45, B.2.015

Puppet is a mature tool and is not uncommon to find infrastructures with a quite aged code base which require both updates in the code to be compatible to newer Puppet versions and deeper refactoring to simplify the code logic or adapt it to newer business needs.
This presentation tackles this problem with practical and actionable suggestions, based on years of on field experience.

The talk will provide scenarios and code samples for real world situations, in order to give useful practical advice, for in terms of what to do and how to deliver it, highlighting the processes and methods to safely handle also the trickiest refactoring challenges.

Alessandro Franceschi started his Puppet voyage in 2007 with version 0.21 while working as a sysadmin at the Bank of Italy.
Over the years he delivered Puppet training and consulting services for hundreds of companies worldwide, facing the code fixing of every single Puppet version upgrade and a lot of variegated refactoring challenges.
He is also the author of example42 Puppet modules, from the NextGen modules collection to Puppi, from Tiny Puppet to PSICK, he always liked to push and twist Puppet code to new and bold horizons, but that's another story.