Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Do you need Kubernetes to run your workloads?
2024-02-06, 14:50–15:40, B.3.036

There are many different ways to run your containerised workloads and probably the biggest challenge is how to run it with least effort, but still ensure you’re doing it right. What do we mean by that? It refers to following good industry and DevOps practices, having built-in security mechanisms, streamline pipeline delivery, using Infrastructure as Code configuration, easy adoption and low maintenance burden. In this talk we’ll focus on the Cloud managed services to run containers and how to use Open Source project like AWS Copilot CLI to abstract a lot of complexity away when using Cloud providers. Copilot CLI makes it easy for developers to build, release, and operate production ready containerized applications using different compute backends. I’ll cover some use cases and demonstrate how to get started, push to different environments to manage whole development lifecycle and set a well threaded path (a.k.a. internal development platform) for your teams.

Marko is Head of Consultancy at The Scale Factory, based in the UK. He has worked in the IT industry for more than two decades and engaged with many different technologies. He currently leads a team of experienced Consultants helping customers build and scale their SaaS platforms in the AWS Cloud. Marko is also responsible for steering Scale Factory’s technical direction based on the current industry trends. Being passionate about community diversity, equality, automation, Cloud Native and Open Source, you can also find Marko speaking and participating at DevOps, Cloud Native/Kubernetes and HashiCorp events. He’s a HashiCorp Ambassador, OpenUK Ambassador, open source contributor, problem solver and enthusiastic about emerging technologies. In his free time Marko enjoys hiking and travelling.