Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Unleashing Potential Across Teams: The Power of Infrastructure as Code
2024-02-06, 14:50–15:40, B.Con

In the dynamic realm of modern infrastructure, challenges such as intricate security protocols and managing diverse environments are common across all technical teams. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) emerges as a transformative force, turning these challenges into opportunities for innovation.

For developers, SREs, platform engineers, and other technical professionals, this talk showcases how IaC brings unprecedented ease and agility to managing varied infrastructures. The session includes an engaging live demonstration highlighting IaC's adaptability in various scenarios. It explores its potential to unify and empower diverse technical teams.

Attendees from all technical backgrounds will discover practical strategies for implementing IaC in their projects, fostering an environment of collaboration and efficiency. This session is about reshaping coding and infrastructure management practices to enhance workflows and team dynamics across various roles. Join to see how 'Infrastructure as Code your way' can revolutionize approaches and boost productivity for many technical professions.

Alayshia Knighten has many years of experience in the DevOps realm and currently works at Pulumi as a Customer Architect. Alayshia specializes in enhancing technical and team-related experiences while educating customers on their journey with and beyond IaC. In her words, “Getting things done while identifying how to accelerate at the person beyond the tooling is the real meat and potatoes.” She enjoys solving the “so, how do we solve that?” problems and meeting people from all walks of life. Her tiny hometown and Southern background inspire Alayshia. She enjoys hiking, grilling, painting, and making random bird calls with her father in her spare time.