Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Implementing configuration management primitives in 2024
2024-02-06, 16:45–17:35, D.Aud

Configuration management primitives appear like a solved topic now, and current major solutions have converged to pretty similar choices 10+ years ago. However new needs are becoming more prominent, like observability, auditing and self-auditing abilities, in a context of growing attention for security topics. Could we benefit from reconsidering some of these design choices now to better address them?
In this talk, we will navigate through the solution space of configuration management low-level implementations (resource/promise/etc.), and explore what we can modify to provide new promising features. It will also cover implementation and programming language choices, from C to Python, Ruby, and Rust, and how these choices participate in shaping our tools strengths and weaknesses. It will feature some examples from ongoing work in Rudder, as well as other projects (mgmt, Jet, etc.)

Coming from a system administration background, Alexis switched to doing mostly software engineering. He is currently lead developer on the system parts of Rudder, including networking, configuration management agents and security.
He is also part of the Rust language Secure Code working group, which promotes tooling to help writing secure code in Rust and manages the Rust ecosystem vulnerability database.