Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Your Business Isn't Green Enough
2024-02-05, 12:35–12:40, D.Aud

All your servers run on Green Energy. Your cloud provider plants a tree for any VM you spin up. Your employer bought emission certificates for you and all your colleagues last christmas. And yet, the climate crisis seems to keep escalating year by year. What else can we do? This ignite talk might be disturbing, but will also try to offer some insight into our options.

Felix was privileged enough to attend Config Management Camp from the very beginning, and has spent many years honing their knowledge of automation technologies and approaches. In 2023 they took the leap and switched from employed work at an ISP to freelance consulting and dev/ops work. Felix hopes to be able to make a living, and enough on top to fund some important activism projects.

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