Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Automating Internal Databases Operations at OVHcloud with Ansible
2024-02-06, 14:50–15:40, B.1.017

OVHcloud, a worldwide cloud computing provider, offers numerous mission critical services that must stay up all the time. They rely on a common layer: databases.

Our role, as DBAs, is to ensure the databases are up and running, restorable, up-to-date and secured.

New databases can be requested every day. Vulnerabilities must be patched as soon as possible. Databases could be relocated. How about schema migrations? Major upgrades? User accesses? Periodic restores?

All those tasks are automated using Ansible.

This talk is a feedback on how we use Ansible and related software to perform day-to-day operations on the OVHcloud's internal databases infrastructure.

DBA since 2012 in the web hosting world. Open source DBMS specialist (PostgreSQL, MySQL). Currently Tech Lead in the databases team at OVHcloud, a major Cloud Computing provider in Europe.