Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

If Dev and Ops had a baby it would be called Winglang
2024-02-06, 10:10–11:00, D.Aud

Building cloud systems today is way too hard! Developers are frustrated by very slow iterations and platform teams are struggling to keep up.

winglang is a new open-source "cloud oriented" programming language designed to address this pain from the ground up (pun intended). It combines cloud primitives and runtime code into a single language, and reimagines the boundaries between application and platform. It allows developers to stay in their creative flow by offering a standard library for the cloud and local simulation. But it also allows platform teams to codify security, compliance and deployment decisions through a centralized library.

In this talk Elad Ben-Israel, who created the AWS CDK, will talk about why he thinks the cloud needs a programming language and will write some winglang code on stage.

After an amazing journey to create the AWS CDK, CDK8s, JSII and Projen, Elad has left the comforts of AWS to start a new company with the cute name of Wing. Wing's mission is to democratize the cloud by reimagining cloud development from the ground up (pun intended of course). Elad lives in Tel-Aviv with his husband and 6-year-old twins, and in his spare time attends Burning Man and sweats at the local CrossFit gym. Elad gave talks in front of large audiences at multiple conferences. Elad’s talks are usually heavy on the live-coding, because that’s basically the only thing he really knows how to do.