Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Code Meets IaC: How to write Pulumi and OpenTofu Providers
2024-02-06, 14:00–14:50, D.Aud

Declarative IaC tools are amazing but wouldn't be useful without connecting to real systems. Take a dive into how Pulumi and OpenTofu providers are written and maintained with a core maintainer of Pulumi's provider ecosystem. Learn how to write your own providers or extend existing ones and get a little insight into the future of how IaC tools are integrated with real-world clouds.

  1. Primer of what the provider model is in Pulumi and OpenTofu and its architecture.
  2. How a typical provider is authored using Go SDKs & framework, how Pulumi's bridging process works, and how to write dynamic and reflection based providers.
  3. Automating provider creation for large clouds taking AWS and Azure as case studies.

Daniel is a full time open-source contributor with Pulumi – making clouds more accessible to developers, and making developers more productive.