Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Simplifying Cloud Deployments with Ansible for React Next.js on AWS EC2
2024-02-06, 14:00–14:50, B.1.015

This presentation will provide a comprehensive guide on leveraging Ansible for setting up and deploying a containerized React Next.js application on AWS EC2.

The talk will begin with an in-depth look at the process of containerizing the React Next.js application. Attendees will learn about the best practices for creating lightweight, yet fully functional containerized applications, making them suitable for scalable cloud deployments. A key part of this process involves hosting the containerized application on a secure and scalable container image registry.

The focus will then shift to how to use Ansible for creating a robust AWS EC2 infrastructure. This includes configuring DNS, web server configuration, and security measures, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for application deployment. The subsequent step in the deployment process, which will be thoroughly discussed, is pulling the container image onto the configured EC2 instance.

By the end of this talk, attendees will have a clear understanding of the entire workflow - from setting up the AWS EC2 infrastructure using Ansible to running a containerized React Next.js application.

This session is designed to equip curious minds with the skills and knowledge to efficiently deploy and manage containerized applications in the cloud using Ansible, AWS EC2, and

Meet Rose Crisp, an accomplished Senior Software Engineer on the Operator Enablement Team at Red Hat. With 15+ years of experience in software development, Rose has always been passionate about pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges. In 2019, while working for SAS Institute Inc, she leapt at the chance to work with a greenfield team that provided CI/CD services for application teams new to the concept. It was during this time that Rose discovered Kubernetes and fell in love with its world of possibilities. In 2020, she joined Red Hat to work with the Operator Enablement Team, where she has been a driving force in introducing Kubernetes operators and helping others passionate about Open Source and Kubernetes Operators. With a talent for teaching and a love of sharing her knowledge, Rose enjoys leading the Kubernetes Operator Framework workshops run by Red Hat. Get ready to be inspired by Rose's passion and expertise!

Sid is a Software Engineer at Red Hat focused on the ecosystem experience around consuming and providing services in Kubernetes based platforms. He currently works with partners and vendors to develop Kubernetes native extensions by leveraging the operator pattern. Previously, Sid has worked at Ericsson where he was involved in transitioning legacy applications to the cloud by leveraging Kubernetes. He also worked on CloudStack, an open source system that can be used to provide infrastructure as a service and has previously presented a talk at ApacheCon 2019. Sid is interested in using the operator pattern to enable networking, storage and security aspects of the Cloud computing that you typically don’t get out of the box.