Config Management Camp 2024 Ghent

Non-Blocking Continuous Code Reviews - a case study
2024-02-06, 11:40–12:30, D.Aud

The problem with the current most common way of implementing code reviews using Pull Requests is that they have the nasty habit of blocking the flow of delivery.

The usual way to achieve fast Continuous Code Reviews without disrupting the flow of delivery is through Pair Programming or Team Programming. But not all teams or individuals are open to this for various good reasons.

In this session, I’ll explain how, in 2012, a novice team practising trunk-based development found an efficient uncommon way to implement continuous code reviews on mainline without ever blocking the flow of delivery.

Thierry is a lean IT Engineer at the fintech startup Abbove. On the side, he founded ThinkingLabs, an advisory firm for optimising IT delivery while reducing stress, burnout and fatigue.

From time to time he is asked to conduct technology due diligence for investors to review the technology capabilities of organisations.

Thierry is a CI/CD advocate and jack-of-all-trades. Instead of balancing quality & delivery, he believes and practices that better quality is actually a way to more and better deliveries.