“Desktop Linux Management at Facebook” Michel Salim · Talk (30 minutes)

How we manage Facebook's desktop Linux fleet, and how it is positioned as a way to drive features into our server fleet.

“An alternative to Heroku: An end-to-end open source infrastructure automation toolchain” Cristina Muñoz · Talk (30 minutes)

Small businesses and non-profits may opt for Platform-as-a-Service solutions such as Heroku to avoid the operational burden of managing their own infrastructure. However, PaaS solutions quickly become cost-prohibitive for compute- or memory-intensive applications. In this talk, I’ll demo an open so…

“The Great Cloud Migration with Network Automation & Service Mesh” Rosemary Wang · Talk (30 minutes)

You need to migrate some workloads from a private datacenter to public cloud. The result? The unavoidable hybrid environment. How do you observe traffic and mitigate risky changes to each system? In this talk, I’ll discuss how you can supercharge your cloud migrations with a combination of network …

“Don't get stuck on Pulp 2!” Tanya Tereshchenko · Talk (30 minutes)

Pulp helps you fetch, upload, organize, and distribute software packages.
With Pulp 2 approaching EOL and Pulp 3 being more stable than before, we strongly encourage you to move to Pulp 3. It might be a big deal if you have a large setup and a lot of carefully curated content and repositories.
To m…

“Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Effective Infrastructure as Code” Adarsh Shah · Talk (30 minutes)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is an approach that takes proven coding techniques used by software systems and extends it to infrastructure. It is one of the key DevOps practices that enable teams to deliver infrastructure, and the software running on it, rapidly and reliably, at scale.

In this prese…

“Registry native delivery of software content with Pulp3.” Ina Panova · Talk (30 minutes)

Container registries are becoming an important source of software distribution.
Why package content in a container image?
A container image includes an assorted collection of software - often hundreds of software components. This format facilitates use of the software, because a complete set of the…

“Infrastructure-as-code drifts aren't like Pokemon : you can't catch em all” Stephane Jourdan · Talk (30 minutes)

While we all probably think we're doing all the DevOps stuff the right way (and we do, don't we?), drift happens.
Even as an experienced Terraform user, as your infrastructure team and codebase grows, it often becomes harder to track drift.
I'll share here war stories from different teams, and show…

“Host your own on-premise Ansible Galaxy” Brian Bouterse · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk will demo the setup and features of an on-premise software for storing, mirroring, and distributing Ansible Collection and Role content. This is analogous to an on-premise version of galaxy.ansible.com. To get up and running quickly, we’ll be using a pre-built container with pulp_ansible …

“Config, config everywhere” Juan Manuel Fdez · Talk (30 minutes)

How to compose the configuration and secrets of microservices taking into account various variables without dying in the attempt.

“Cluster API as Code” David McKay · Talk (30 minutes)

luster API is a Kubernetes sub-project focused on providing declarative APIs and tooling to simplify provisioning, upgrading, and operating multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Cluster API provides clusterctl, which can be configured with environment variables and allows the generation of Kubernetes manif…

“A hands-off approach for your Terraform” Jeff Knurek · Talk (30 minutes)

Automate your infrastructure with the same CI/CD tooling that your applications go through

“State assessment and data validation using Ansible” Ganesh B Nalawade · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk will do a deep dive on how Ansible can be used to assess the operational state of your IT infrastructure (especially network appliances) and effectively take remediation actions as required

“your management layer should be cattle too” Evgeni Golov · Talk (30 minutes)

The "pet vs cattle" thing is getting pretty long in the tooth, but the one thing one keeps hearing is that the management layer somehow always remains a pet.

While there is certainly some truth to that - you don't want to rebuild your management plane every day - wouldn't it be cool if you could?

“Kubernetes Config Management Landscape” Tomasz Tarczynski · Talk (30 minutes)

“We are all YAML engineers now” as Bob Walker said in 2018 in Ghent. So we now need something to manage these millions of lines of YAML.

There’s the “Kubernetes application management tools” list by Bryan Grant with over 120 tool aiming at config management for Kubernetes. This area is evolving fas…