Don't get stuck on Pulp 2!
2021-02-06, 14:00–14:30, D.infra

Pulp helps you fetch, upload, organize, and distribute software packages.
With Pulp 2 approaching EOL and Pulp 3 being more stable than before, we strongly encourage you to move to Pulp 3. It might be a big deal if you have a large setup and a lot of carefully curated content and repositories.
To make it easy for you, we'd like to introduce a plugin which allows you to migrate from Pulp 2 to Pulp 3 smoothly and without recreating everything from scratch.

In this talk, we'll share:
- how we are doing the migration
- what are the benefits
- when you want to use it
- how it goes (demo)

The target audience are Pulp 2 users.

Tanya works at Red Hat and is a developer on Pulp which is an open source Python project for managing different types of content. She is an open source enthusiast who also enjoys cycling, snowboarding and is interested in molecular biology.