Registry native delivery of software content with Pulp3.
2021-02-06, 13:30–14:00, D.infra

Container registries are becoming an important source of software distribution.
Why package content in a container image?
A container image includes an assorted collection of software - often hundreds of software components. This format facilitates use of the software, because a complete set of the needed components are delivered as a single unit.

In this talk we look into how to ship content regardless of how it is packaged (rpm, python, ansible roles) in a container image and build the image with just one single tool - Pulp3.
With Pulp3 you will be able to take advantage of software distribution using the container first strategy :

  • Containerize your application: build and run application in a container;
  • Build execution environment images - which provide security features such as isolated execution and integrity of applications;
  • Cache the content - allow container images to build without relying on external infrastructure by caching(or permanently storing) the application and dependencies.

Registry native delivery of software content with Pulp3.