Scaling Release Management with GitOps
2021-02-06, 16:30–17:00, D.infra

Transform Release Management role from System administration to software development for Release operations thru GitOps practices

Shipping operational knowledge into a software is a big milestone towards better configuration management.
In this talk, I will explain how we introduced configuration management practices into release management team while leveraging the software engineering principles during this journey.
I will start by clarifying what problem(s) were we trying to solve, namely: Lack of system Reliability, huge dependencies among silos, Rework between Dev, QA and release teams.
Then, I will explain the solution that I proposed to solve these problems, namely: Service Offering Model, Killing environments gap and treating everything as CI (Configuration item).
After that , I will move forward on challenges that I faced while trying to solve the issue: migration from Legacy system, security compliance & disconnected environment, .. and others.
Finally, I will give overview about the solution implementation.

Abdennour is a Cloud Native Engineer with focus on SRE : starting career by software development, moving to Cloud Ops on AWS, then Release engineering.

His strong background in software engineering helped him to codify any IT operations & ship it as software in order to reach high reliability and scalability.

Abdennour is holding also many Certifications in Cloud and DevOps like RedHat Architect (RHCA), AWS Professional Solution Architect, AWS Professional DevOps Engineer, CKA & CKAD in Kubernetes, Ansible, ... and others.
Most of these certifications are Performance-Based Assessments where Abdennour had to demonstrate practical knowledge & skills with hands-on problem solving.