The Great Cloud Migration with Network Automation & Service Mesh
2021-02-06, 12:30–13:00, D.infra

You need to migrate some workloads from a private datacenter to public cloud. The result? The unavoidable hybrid environment. How do you observe traffic and mitigate risky changes to each system? In this talk, I’ll discuss how you can supercharge your cloud migrations with a combination of network automation for your datacenter and a service mesh across environments.

How to Migrate to Cloud, Supercharged

Step 1: Re-platform application on public cloud.

Step 2: Deploy service mesh in public cloud and edge of datacenter.

Step 3. Configure datacenter routing with network automation.

Step 4: Send traffic using blue/green deployment to the new application.

Step 5: Continue to run in both datacenter and public cloud.

I’ll demonstrate how to add observability and failure tolerance to this workflow. By combining HashiCorp Consul service mesh and Consul Terraform Sync, I can manage, automate, and shape traffic in my hybrid environment from a single pane of glass.

Rosemary Wang works to bridge the technical and cultural barriers between infrastructure engineers and application developers. She has a fascination for solving intractable problems with code, whether it be helping an infrastructure engineer learn to code or an application developer troubleshoot infrastructure failures. She also interfaces with vendors, clients, startups, and open source projects to find creative software solutions for infrastructure. When she is not drawing on whiteboards, Rosemary valiantly attempts to hack stacks of various infrastructure systems on her laptop while watering her houseplants.