Host your own on-premise Ansible Galaxy
2021-02-06, 14:30–15:00, D.infra

This talk will demo the setup and features of an on-premise software for storing, mirroring, and distributing Ansible Collection and Role content. This is analogous to an on-premise version of To get up and running quickly, we’ll be using a pre-built container with pulp_ansible ( and (

A single container is all that is needed for setup. Once setup, I will demonstrate:

  • Creating one or more repositories to store Collections and Roles
  • Installing Role and Collection content using the ansible-galaxy CLI client from these repositories
  • Synchronizing Collections and Roles from
  • Uploading Collection content via ansible-galaxy CLI
  • Copying Collections and Roles between multiple repositories, simulating dev -> staging -> production environments
  • Perform these operations using a great UI, whenever possible, and APIs otherwise

Brian Bouterse is a Senior Principle Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is a developer on Pulp which is written in Python and manages repositories of software, e.g. rpms, ansible, python, containers, etc.