A hands-off approach for your Terraform
2021-02-06, 10:30–11:00, D.infra

Automate your infrastructure with the same CI/CD tooling that your applications go through

If Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery is critical for application deployment, why is it not being equally leveraged to manage infrastructure. Most teams I've seen have reached the first goal of defining their infrastructure configuration as code (often with Terraform), but they tend to stop there. Access and/or education on how to run Terraform is given to a few select people, and they then run it in the wild jungle that is there own machine.

In this talk, Jeff with highlight some of the techniques, tools, quick wins, advanced features, and key measurements for putting your Terraform code through the pipes of automation.

Jeff Knurek is a Senior DevOps Engineer with Clevertech. Across a long career over a variety of clients, he's seen different techniques used to achieve optimal software development. And with a background that transitioned from web development to QA to infrastructure, Kubernetes has become the natural playground for his ideas.