Design, Draw, Deploy your AWS infrastructure from inception to production
2020-02-03, 15:15–15:40, B.1.015

Once the infrastructure is designed you should be able to deploy it effortlessly. This has long been the goal and can now become a reality!

Cloud solution architects and DevOps engineers want to have a faster conversion from idea to product. They don’t necessarily care about the foundation on which it runs. It’s supposed to work and provide the functionality specified. So how do you go about making that happen?

What if there would be a way to draw an architecture online and get the infrastructure for it implemented as code automatically?

During the talk, I will demo how it is possible to create AWS architectural diagram in the browser and get it converted to working Terraform configurations and show it all in action.

This talk will be rather interactive and involve the audience, as I will be asking for inputs and base the demo on them.

Keywords: Terraform, terraform-aws-modules,, open-source.

Anton is AWS Community Hero and helps companies around the globe build solutions using AWS and specializing in infrastructure as code, DevOps, and reusable infrastructure components.

He spends a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor on various Terraform & AWS projects and enjoys solving real cloud architecture tasks and makes them available as open-source. His most successful projects are a collection of Terraform AWS modules (terraform-aws-modules on GitHub) downloaded more than 5 million times, ebook describing Terraform best practices established in the community (, and

Anton co-founded and co-organizes AWS, DevOps, HashiCorp User Groups in Norway, DevOpsDays Oslo, and often speaks at various technical meetups and conferences.

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