Terraform, Pulumi... but what do we really need!?
2020-02-04, 12:45–12:50, D Aud

We may have too many good options to choose from, aren't we? "Terraform is going to be replaced with Pulumi" - I was told. Well, I suppose that Pulumi will be replaced with what users actually WANT to use... My observations in infrastructure as management tooling in 5 minutes.

Anton is AWS Community Hero and helps companies around the globe build solutions using AWS and specializing in infrastructure as code, DevOps, and reusable infrastructure components.

He spends a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor on various Terraform & AWS projects and enjoys solving real cloud architecture tasks and makes them available as open-source. His most successful projects are a collection of Terraform AWS modules (terraform-aws-modules on GitHub) downloaded more than 5 million times, ebook describing Terraform best practices established in the community (www.terraform-best-practices.com), and modules.tf.

Anton co-founded and co-organizes AWS, DevOps, HashiCorp User Groups in Norway, DevOpsDays Oslo, and often speaks at various technical meetups and conferences.

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