Switching from Docker to CRI-O
2020-02-04, 12:40–12:45, D Aud

cri-o is considered safer than Docker lacking the latter’s privileged central daemon and, additionally, produces less overhead because it does not contain techniques already provided by, for instance, kubernetes clusters. That’s why it is gaining popularity as an alternative to Docker. The large distributions already switched to cri-o as a default backend in their container plattforms (OpenShift and CaaS). But I, personally, had to overcome a lot of uncertainties before actually starting to use it.
There were many open questions regarding the effort needed for a successful transition, change of habits or procedures:
- Is the transition irreversible?
- Where do I get images from? Are the runtimes compatible?
- Which new commands do I have to learn?
- Can I continue using my CI/CD system?
- Do I have to change my workflow?

Similar question arose in my work environment, so I started to collect these questions – and the answers.