Designing the future of agent-server communication in RUDDER
2020-02-04, 17:40–18:05, B.2.010

Rudder is currently used to manage more than 10k machines from the same central server,
but our agent-server communication (using HTTP for inventory collection,
syslog for reporting and a custom protocol for policy updates) was limiting us in terms of
security, performance and extensibility.

With Rudder 6, we have introduced a new communication infrastructure
to match present and future challenges with consistent security,
better performance, improved continuity through
immediate action triggers, while staying compatible with our
fully asynchronous, pull-based workflow.

The talk will focus on the design choices we made, from the use of Rust for our new
server component, to the network and message protocols we use.
It will also highlight the reasons and constraints behind them,
including ensuring a minimal operation overhead and an easy and smooth transition with no breaking change.

Alexis is a system engineer, and a Rudder developer since 2015.
He works on Rudder's configuration policies library, agents and
internal server components, and he (almost) enjoys documenting things.

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