Automating the Vox Pupuli Yak Shaving
2020-02-04, 14:00–14:50, B.1.015

Vox Pupuli maintains a huge amount of puppet modules and utilizes GitHub heavily for maintenance and daily tasks. We've built an app to support all the module maintainers in their daily work.

Vox Pupuli Tasks (VPT) is a web application which summarizes various informations for easy access about modules which need some attention. This helps the maintainer to focus more on the actual work rather then figuring out where attention is missing.

Also VPT uses the Github API to create comments and monitors open pull requests to notify their autors about things they may have forgotten (merge conflics, outdated states).

We also have big plans for the tool and want to bring some attention to it and find out what could be added or changed to enhance it more and more.

See our GitHub project if you are curious about the code or contributing.