Rollout all your Prometheus exporters with Puppet!
2020-02-03, 16:50–17:40, B.3.036

Everybody loves Prometheus. Many exporters are available to gather specific data. You can download the binaries from GitHub, start them and they will expose data via plain HTTP, without any firewalling or authentication. That would just complicate the whole setup!

A secure and automated rollout of exporters isn't easy. Also an authenticated connection from the prometheus server to the exporters requires some preparation. This talk will cover a proper concept and all details to rollout multiple exporters to many systems, completely automated with Puppet.

Tim (bastelfreak) Meusel works as a DevOps Engineer for GoDaddy EMEA in Cologne, Germany where he develops and maintains a big public cloud platform. Tim is the driving force behind various open source solutions at work. He founded the VirtAPI-Stack and is a very active Vox Pupuli Maintainer and Project Management Committee member. Tim has been doing work in the DevOps area since 2009 and is persuing Puppet solutions since 2012. Recently he was reelected to serve on the Vox Pupuli Project Management Committee. He enjoys good BBQ and ice hockey.

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