The Baremetal Discovery and SecureBoot provisioning using Foreman
2020-02-04, 16:50–17:40, B.2.015

The Baremetal Discovery and SecureBoot provisioning using Foreman

Baremetal Discovery:

This feature enables to do bare-metal discovery of unknown systems of the network. The systems sends the facts to Foreman which then can be used to provision hosts with different parameters. The plugin also provides ability to auto provision the system as per the rules which can be defined beforehand. The talk covers,

1. Introduction to discovery plugin
2. Requirements to use discovery.
3. PXELess and PXE scenario of discovery.
4. Demo.

SecureBoot Provisioning:

The security is most important aspect of any department and so secure booting should be because its possible to have intrusion and malicious code running at the time of booting operating system. The UEFI Secure Boot was created to secure booting process from malicious component replacement attacks. Latest operating systems offers support for this by including kernel and associated drivers signed by UEFI CA certificate. The Foreman also supports provisioning over the secureboot.This talk covers,

1. What is Secure Boot ?
2. Introduction to basic Foreman provisioning ?
3. The secure boot provisioning using Foreman.
4. Challenges.
5. Demo.

My name is Amit and I am Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Most of my contributions are in Foreman related components like Foreman Maintain, Foreman and Keycloak integration, Release Management etc. The Foreman application uses Rails framework and I am involved in developing new features, fix existing problems. I also like to integrate multiple applications and technologies to solve enterprise use cases. Prior to joining development team I was part of support at Red Hat and enjoyed troubleshooting issues of different types which helped me to gain good knowledge around Linux, strace, networking, python debugger, code walk-through.

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